Unit Testing

Policies can be easily tested to guarantee they're working as expected. Test modules must have the _test suffix (i.e. repository_test.rego) and the test rules must be prefixed with test_.


Policy Module


package github.repository
note_empty_description {
input.description == ""

Test Module


package github.repository
test_empty_description_should_fail {
note_empty_description with input.description as ""
test_with_description_should_pass {
not note_empty_description with input.description as "some description"


Tests are executed using the test command:

$ rsr test
0:00AM INF data.repository.test_empty_description_should_fail: PASS (915µs)
0:00AM INF data.repository.test_with_description_should_pass: PASS (54.125µs)
0:00AM INF done failed=0 passed=2 timeEllapsed=1.9335 total=2